Curated by Alan Dunn, produced with Liverpool Provocations and Metal Liverpool

Systemic Invisible Unattributable Normal  by Jessie Brennan for Alan Dunn's curated project,  FOUR WORDS  (2016)

Systemic Invisible Unattributable Normal by Jessie Brennan for Alan Dunn's curated project, FOUR WORDS (2016)

18 - 24 January 2016

Jessie Brennan has contributed to Alan Dunn’s new project FOUR WORDS which will take place in Liverpool during the 2016 January Sales. Appearing on a 7 metre media wall, a collection of ten-second, animated text pieces will act as a counterpoint to the sales season and the invisible pressures of that time of year, with ruminations on value, money and exchange. The contributors include Gerhard Richter, Douglas Coupland, Shaista Aziz, Pavel Büchler, Fiona Banner, Levitt & Dubner (‘Freakonomics’), David Shrigley, retired seafarer Captain Pengelly, Hala Al-Alaiwat and ex-Liverpool FC striker David Fairclough, amongst others. The project has been developed by Alan Dunn in collaboration with Liverpool Provocations and Metal Liverpool.

The Media Wall, opposite Lime Street station, Liverpool.

More information (and view the video interviews, timelapses and gif animations) here.